Friday, April 1, 2011

I have an iPad2!

My husband has listened to my whining long enough I guess because he tracked down an iPad2 with 3G for me and we got it today. I am writing from it right now... Love it!

I am bummed I didn't get to use it with my kinder kids yet, and now that spring break is here- yippee by the way- I won't get to use it with them before the mobile2011 conference. I will certainly let my own munchkins use it though and get the kids perspective on the new iPad. Already I am quite charmed by the camera capabilities, and with Photobooth- I KNOW the kids will love it. I was amazed at the beautiful photos I took with kaleidoscope, xray, and heat sensor- with my minimal skill and in a moving car I got some gorgeous pics (some funny ones too!)

The form of the iPad is much smoother... I found the original iPad to have uncomfortable edges,this one doesn't. I am sure I will have more to share after playing with it this weekend.

A big thanks to my sweetie for helping me stay current with my gadgets and getting me my own iPad, which is white by the way and I have a pink smart cover on order too!

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