Friday, December 6, 2013

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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Live Binder Access

Click HERE to access today's livebinder for resources

Other sites to note: 'like' it!  I will have extra codes to share for free apps after today.

How to redeem codes:

Download to computer to display ipad using sync cable

Kinderchat homepage

Friday, October 4, 2013

Help kindergartners learn their address with Explain Everything and MAPS

Fun new idea for helping your students answer the question "Where in the world am I?"  Teach geography and their address in a fun way and they can practice independently. Video

I made the video using Explain Everything and MAPS.  

Also available to view on Facebook on my A Digital Kindergarten page.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

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As requested... coming to more cities near you!

I've been asked by many blog readers if I'll be going to more cities this year to present about using technology in Kindergarten- and the answer is YES!  BER just released the brochure for my west coast seminars which will be held in December.  The full brochure can be found by going to website Seminars and Conferences and clicking on Arizona (Pheonix), California (San Jose), Washington (Seattle and Spokane) and Oregon (Portland).

I'll be heading east in the spring to 15 more cities (even Canada) and will post the particulars as soon as the details are worked out.  In the meantime go to for all the wonderful professional development offerings in your area.  You can also visit this link: to request a quote to have me come directly to your school through the onsite seminar program. 

Monday, August 5, 2013

Great Free App and news for schools from Apple

Interesting changes coming from Apple on how iDevices can be used in education... read up here!

Also, TeachMe Toddler is free today (August 5th)... great for preschool and K and struggling students. Works on alphabet and numeral recognition, shapes, counting...

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Free Bugsy App

A Bugsy apps is currently free- I haven't tried the reading app yet  but my kindergartner likes the math one.

Toca Boca apps are on sale- a steal at $.99.

Keep your eyes open for good deals as we head back to school!  I just got a loaded itunes card so I'm ready to download some amazing new apps to tell you about but free is ALWAYS best ;)

Monday, May 20, 2013

Free codes for Rantek apps available!

Rantek is a developer of some really nice, Montessori based apps.  Some of my favorites for kindergarten are the 100 Board, Animal Kingdom, and ABC sequence apps.  To see their full line of apps, look here:

Today I was asked if I would share some app codes for several of Rantek apps and of course I said YES!

Please look at the app links in iTunes and email me ( sue @ a digital kindergarten . com ) to let me know which you'd like!  These codes are only good for two more weeks, so let me know soon!

Don't forget, app developers really rely on reviews and feedback to help them keep creating quality apps!

Monday, April 8, 2013

#Kinderchat and special guest @PBSKids discuss Math and Technology in Kindergarten

Tonight the Twitter World celebrated Math and Technology in Kindergarten.  If you'd like to get in on the next awesome chat, check out this livebinder for all you need to know!

@PBSKids joined the chat and shared about their awesome math apps and web-based games.  

Here are some of the resources and ideas shared during the chat on April 8, 2013:

Math Websites Wonderopolis Math

Math Game Websites

Math Articles (post by Matt Gomez on April 8, 2013)

Blogs And Ideas Shared

Virtual Geoboard
Wild Kratts Creature Math
Show Me
Dinosaur Train
Book Creator
Screen Chomp
Everyday Math
PBS Kids Apps
Google Spreadsheets/Drive/Documents
Hungry Fish
Ten Frames
Monkey Math
Splash Math Kindergarten
Monster Squeeze
Meerkat Math
Scribble My Story
Bug and Bubbles
Bugs and Buttona
Bugs and Numbers
Dinosaur Train Mesozoic Math
Marble Math Jr
Teach Me Kindergarten
Super 7
Puppet Pals
Comic Strip
Draw and Tell
Zooburst AR 3-D Pop up book

The Chat
The entire 78 page archive from tonight's chat can be found here: Below is my slightly edited version... I've removed re-tweets and some side conversations... to better focus on the tech and math.  The chat was so amazing I completely burned dinner!  Oops!

Here we go... Q1: In what ways has technology allowed your students to connect with math in meaningful ways? #kinderchat -6:07 PM Apr 8th, 2013

The #PBSKIDS Lab offers several classroom activities to help build early #math skills: #Kinderchat -6:08 PM Apr 8th, 2013
A1 technology has allowed students to absorb, synthesize, and transfer information better and faster than ever before! #Kinderchat -6:09 PM Apr 8th, 2013

Technology allow my class to see math in real world situations, especially with our global connections #kinderchat -6:10 PM Apr 8th, 2013

. #kinderchat Q1. Using a document camera so students can project their manipulatives to show their thinking is so important. -6:10 PM Apr 8th, 2013

A1: Multiple ways to express thinking invites deeper reflection and explaining the "how do you know" and "prove it". #kinderchat -6:10 PM Apr 8th, 2013

I love using math songs from harry kids remember concepts! #kinderchat -6:10 PM Apr 8th, 2013

using iPads/websites allows my kids to move at their own pace, differentiate. Immediate feedback is SO important! #kinderchat -6:10 PM Apr 8th, 2013

Q1: using SMART Boards, doc cam & iPads, students can show learning #kinderchat -6:10 PM Apr 8th, 2013

The use of technology in the classrooms has taken learning to a whole new level. Kids love it and teachers do too. #Kinderchat -6:10 PM Apr 8th, 2013

Technology helps us see that others out there (in the real world) love math too! #kinderchat -6:11 PM Apr 8th, 2013

Q1: love using tech to allow students to show more than 1 way to look at a problem #kinderchat -6:11 PM Apr 8th, 2013   

Like when we played Tic-tac-toe with class via google docs! #kinderchat -6:11 PM Apr 8th, 2013 

Tech provides means for documenting and sharing learning in new ways regardless of where learner is academically. #Kinderchat -6:11 PM Apr 8th, 2013

Technology has allowed some of my students to believe in they are mathmaticians #kinderchat -6:11 PM Apr 8th, 2013

I also use my ipad and document camera to help enhance concepts. #kinderchat -6:11 PM Apr 8th, 2013

my kids LOVE we use 4 measurement/estimation #kinderchat -6:11 PM Apr 8th, 2013

  #Kinderchat A1: using iPads allows for apps that will allow students to see math differently. -6:11 PM Apr 8th, 2013

#kinderchat Q 1 answer - tech makes it easier for kids to focus on the skills & not get distracted by the manipulative.-Virtual geoboards -6:12 PM Apr 8th, 2013

A1 I use the SMARTBoard's virtual tools that they can manipulate like the thermometer and protractor. They explore. #kinderchat -6:12 PM Apr 8th, 2013
Q1 Virtual manipulatives & the iPad or IWB allow more control and success for my students with fine motor difficulties. #kinderchat -6:12 PM Apr 8th, 2013

Tech helps demonstrate the value of math; So important in today's world! #kinderchat -6:12 PM Apr 8th, 2013

Students own their individual thinking with the use of technology #kinderchat -6:12 PM Apr 8th, 2013

#kinderchat Virtual Geoboard app allows kids to focus on creating & not worrying about fine motor issues and elastics. -6:12 PM Apr 8th, 2013  
Ability to screen share iPads has allowed my kids to express their learning to fellow students & helps to reinforce concepts. #kinderchat -6:13 PM Apr 8th, 2013
Having kids explain their strategies using our interwrite board allows other kids to pick up new tricks. #kinderchat -6:13 PM Apr 8th, 2013

My go to tech for math is a digital camera. K's record thinking, we print them off, share, write on it anything at all #kinderchat -6:13 PM Apr 8th, 2013

My kids enjoy playing online games together and hearing others think aloud. #Kinderchat -6:13 PM Apr 8th, 2013

Wild Kratts Creature Math app is a great app to teach math and problem solving skills #kinderchat #kinderchat -6:13 PM Apr 8th, 2013

I just downloaded the Geoboard app. I had one of my students use it for differentiated instruction. The kids love it! #kinderchat -6:13 PM Apr 8th, 2013
My ks love that app, but really started using it with more creativity when we used real boards first #kinderchat -6:14 PM Apr 8th, 2013

My ks love that app, but really started using it with more creativity when we used real boards first #kinderchat -6:14 PM Apr 8th, 2013

Connections to world w/ Google & photos kids send we show on IWB. Use of Apple TV for math for IWB also #Kinderchat -6:14 PM Apr 8th, 2013

Three fun ways to use the digital camera to build early math skills : #edtech #kinderchat #mlearning -6:14 PM Apr 8th, 2013

the app show me on iPad used to record students learning #kinderchat #kinderchat -6:14 PM Apr 8th, 2013

We use Everyday Math and our children enjoy playing the games via the APPS downloaded for EDM games. #kinderchat -6:14 PM Apr 8th, 2013

  Does PBS kids have any math apps or plans to create math apps for iPad or Android? #kinderchat -6:14 PM Apr 8th, 2013

Use camera to document and share learning. Iwb to show others, blogs to share with parents. #kinderchat -6:15 PM Apr 8th, 2013

I use Virtual Manipulatives with the kids and I am always amazed at how spatially savvy they are during the lesson. #Kinderchat -6:15 PM Apr 8th, 2013

A1: as a parent, has awesome apps that integrate math into everyday activities and along w/ my boys' fave shows #kinderchat -6:15 PM Apr 8th, 2013

Document cams are great. I tape a lot of our discussion and then replay them. We have great discussion. #kinderchat -6:15 PM Apr 8th, 2013
Q2: What are some ways to assess/document math learning and understanding using technology? #kinderchat -6:15 PM Apr 8th, 2013

I love teaching kids to take screenshot with iPad- they can 'save their work' to recreate with a real geoboard or to show class #kinderchat -6:15 PM Apr 8th, 2013

#Kinderchat now as a father of a kinder the PBSkids app does allow for my son to apply the math to a story. -6:15 PM Apr 8th, 2013

Yes, we have a lot of math #apps. You can check them out here: #kinderchat -6:15 PM Apr 8th, 2013

i do love showme app for recording student voice- mostly with math reasoning as voice can get lost in paper and pencil in k #kinderchat -6:16 PM Apr 8th, 
The novelty tech provides along with hands on activities helps get the reps in I need for at risk students. #kinderchat -6:16 PM Apr 8th, 2013          
     I use my ipad to record groups and this allows my kids to see their learning. #kinderchat -6:16 PM Apr 8th, 2013

often use skitch to take pics of their work and put in their evernote file #kinderchat -6:16 PM Apr 8th, 2013

Educreations is one of my favorite apps for documenting/recording/sharing math thinking #kinderchat -6:16 PM Apr 8th, 2013

Show me app lets students record and create videos that we post to parent portal #kinderchat -6:17 PM Apr 8th, 2013

A2 I've had kids video their own math talk using ipad/ipod so we can share with others and document. #kinderchat -6:17 PM Apr 8th, 2013

We have a document smart cam hooked up to our Smartboard. We always invite our kids to showcase their work. Visualization zoomed #kinderchat -6:17 PM Apr 8th, 2013

#kinderchat just tuning in...great topic! We use screencasting eg screenchomp to document problem-solving -6:17 PM Apr 8th, 2013

Nothing like screen capture/digital storytelling apps to document thinking! Possibilities are endless. #kinderchat -6:17 PM Apr 8th, 2013

A2 I create digital portfolios on Evernote for my students after each month. Digital pics of notebooks, scans of worksheets... #Kinderchat -6:17 PM Apr 8th, 2013

A2: pics & video let me go back later to assess and determine next steps, programs like DreamBox track student data for me. #kinderchat -6:17 PM Apr 8th, 2013

. and : what's your favorite math game for incoming kindergartener? #kinderchat -6:17 PM Apr 8th, 2013

RT : The #PBSKIDS Lab offers several classroom activities to help build early #math skills: #Kinderchat -6:18 PM Apr 8th, 2013
My fav for group is doc cam, my fav for individuals is educreations - easy to use by kinders #kinderchat -6:18 PM Apr 8th, 2013

#kinderchat A2 kids take pictures and videos of each other, especially when they are working together in groups! -6:18 PM Apr 8th, 2013

Doodlecast is my fav for documenting and sharing mathematical thinking. #Kinderchat -6:18 PM Apr 8th, 2013

#kinderchat do you find students to be independent with educreations? I have more experience with screenchomp -6:18 PM Apr 8th, 2013

A2: Here's the bummer - no iPads, no privileges to add apps to desktop / school laptop. Web-based alternatives? #Kinderchat -6:18 PM Apr 8th, 2013

I am always looking for self correcting materials vs assessment materials #Kinderchat -6:18 PM Apr 8th, 2013

Why use technology at all in kindergarten #math? Its efficacy in the long run hasn't been proven. #kinderchat -6:18 PM Apr 8th, 2013

The Camera Catch #app helps kids learn math while taking photos of dinosaurs: #kinderchat -6:19 PM Apr 8th, 2013             

Book creation apps such as Book Creator allows students to create math related books to share with an audience in a snap. #kinderchat -6:19 PM Apr 8th, 2013

I use Google Spreadsheets and evernote to keep track of student assessment data. #kinderchat -6:19 PM Apr 8th, 2013    
This is our first one we intro at computer centre #kinderchat -6:19 PM Apr 8th, 2013

The nice thing is you don't need an ipad for math tech. tonnes of online resources as well #kinderchat -6:19 PM Apr 8th, 2013

Here is another example of educreations app for math #kinderchat -6:20 PM Apr 8th, 2013

#Kinderchat Q2: as a coach this is the constant struggle...the teacher needs to be familiar with their own gaps as a user from paper to tech -6:20 PM Apr 8th, 2013

i hear ya. I often go the tech route and then find that old fashioned is better. It can catch strugglers #kinderchat -6:20 PM Apr 8th, 2013

Soon our students will be sharing and creating work on Google Drive. #kinderchat -6:20 PM Apr 8th, 2013

we made a shape book with book creator - love that app too! #kinderchat -6:20 PM Apr 8th, 2013

Allows me to stretch myself and be in more than one place at a time. With 27 students, I can't sit with them all! #kinderchat -6:20 PM Apr 8th, 2013

I've seen amazing growth in my students using tech that I never saw before- teaching same, tools improved! #kinderchat -6:20 PM Apr 8th, 2013

Really interesting question. W access to tech at home, do they need at school so young? Can easily debate both sides! #kinderchat -6:20 PM Apr 8th, 2013

Just beginning to use Evernote and create files of student work #kinderchat -6:20 PM Apr 8th, 2013

It does, however - allow for collaboration outside of the classroom, potentially increasing engagement. #math #kinderchat -6:20 PM Apr 8th, 2013

#kinderchat I am learning about voicethread as an ongoing documentation tool-involves video and opportunity to add extra comment later -6:21 PM Apr 8th, 2013
A+ #math countries, Singapore, Korea, Japan and Taiwan use paper and pencil, not technology, in kindergarten. #kinderchat -6:21 PM Apr 8th, 2013

Google Forms and Google spreadsheets are handy tools for tracking numeracy objectives. #kinderchat -6:21 PM Apr 8th, 2013

I think key is offering choice "How do you want to explore concept today?". Usually pick most effective for them. #kinderchat -6:21 PM Apr 8th, 2013
This is also a great site for math that my kiddos love visiting #kinderchat -6:21 PM Apr 8th, 2013           

Q3: Since we are discussing apps...what are your favorite apps for math? #kinderchat -6:21 PM Apr 8th, 2013       

  I am not sure that only paper pencil is the way either! I think we need a combo of hands on, tech and paper/pencil. #kinderchat -6:22 PM Apr 8th, 2013
#kinderchat A2-some Ts are using google forms to quickly document observations of math skills on a teacher ipad while cruising the room -6:22 PM Apr 8th, 2013

The #PBSKIDS Lab has lots of online games to build a variety of math skills - counting, patterns, etc: #kinderchat -6:22 PM Apr 8th, 2013

Yes, my kinders made ordinal counting books & published to the iTunes bookstore. Whole project took < 2 weeks #kinderchat -6:22 PM Apr 8th, 2013

A2: I do a voice memo on my playbook when kid are presenting and then I can play it back later and get their exact words. #kinderchat -6:22 PM Apr 8th, 2013
#Kinderchat Q3: hungry fish is a fun app for my kinder... -6:22 PM Apr 8th, 2013

#kinderchat I use the Tens Frame app as a math Center. I like having all manipulatives on one device. -6:22 PM Apr 8th, 2013

I'm loving monkeymath #kinderchat -6:22 PM Apr 8th, 2013

A3 monkey math by thup, meerkat math, Futaba!! Those are my top three #Kinderchat -6:22 PM Apr 8th, 2013

Here are 10 great apps for young kids #kinderchat -6:23 PM Apr 8th, 2013

#kinderchat Scribble My Story will record for those who aren't yet writers. -6:23 PM Apr 8th, 2013

I'm trying out the new Splash Math K right now- has great potential as a 'workbook' replacement. #kinderchat -6:23 PM Apr 8th, 2013

Common Core for kindergarten: our ongoing analysis: #kinderchat -6:23 PM Apr 8th, 2013

Google spreadsheets creates graphs and charts so you can track how at risk kids are responding to interventions and adjust. #kinderchat -6:23 PM Apr 8th, 2013

Monster Squeeze app #kinderchat -6:23 PM Apr 8th, 2013

I take pictures & use the Skitch to label the picture w/their thinking. I post them in the rm & listening to their discussion #kinderchat -6:23 PM Apr 8th, 2013
Set up class at, then link iPad app to it and start producing videos to house online! #kinderchat -6:23 PM Apr 8th, 2013

Q3: I keep growing list of apps I like here - #kinderchat -6:23 PM Apr 8th, 2013

Bugs and Bubbles, Bugs and Buttons, etc great playful math apps #kinderchat -6:24 PM Apr 8th, 2013

Yikes! Paper in pencil in K is a no no to my mind. In some cases, but repersenting math reasoning takes their voice #kinderchat -6:24 PM Apr 8th, 2013

so engaged, took pix of real shapes in our school, described shapes with math vocab, awesome! love book creator #kinderchat -6:24 PM Apr 8th, 2013

#kinderchat I use digital photos, video and audio to document math learning. I use the app PaperDesk for assessment. -6:24 PM Apr 8th, 2013

Sometimes the tech use yields a confidence with pencil and paper #kinderchat -6:24 PM Apr 8th, 2013

The Mesozoic #Math app has four games w/ three levels of difficulty #Kinderchat -6:25 PM Apr 8th, 2013

#kinderchat A2- digital photos emailed to families or printed & sent home help parents understand the math we are doing in class -6:25 PM Apr 8th, 2013
Thanks. I'm looking forward to infusing this into our classroom. Kids will be super excited. #kinderchat -6:25 PM Apr 8th, 2013

Even simple addition apps can be valuable when used correctly #kinderchat -6:25 PM Apr 8th, 2013

Do you wonder about Common Core's standard, decomposing numbers? It came out of the blue #kinderchat -6:25 PM Apr 8th, 2013

I agree! my favorite none "tech" tech for math is blocks, legos and unisex cubes.. LOVE UNIFEX CUBES #kinderchat -6:25 PM Apr 8th, 2013
Thanks for your summary on your blog! #kinderchat -6:25 PM Apr 8th, 2013

I use apps to replace centers kids couldn't do independently and have the same support/feedback. Like numeral writing, counting #kinderchat -6:25 PM Apr 8th, 2013
As we have said before there is a BIG diff between consumer apps (skill practice) and creator apps. #kinderchat -6:26 PM Apr 8th, 2013

Recently, I am loving Marble Math Jr. (great for following directions and mathematical thinking and Splash Math Kindergarten! #kinderchat -6:26 PM Apr 8th, 2013
#Kinderchat honestly even the checkers app is good to count what the opponent has vs. them... -6:26 PM Apr 8th, 2013

ok.. just realized i wrote uniSex cubes... dying laughing WHOOPS and now everyone is retweeting my typo #kinderchat -6:26 PM Apr 8th, 2013

#kinderchat it's so important for families to 'see' what we r doing- then they don't expect to have worksheets come home. -6:27 PM Apr 8th, 2013

you can never go wrong with legos. :) #kinderchat -6:27 PM Apr 8th, 2013

#kinderchat I introduced the Splash Math to my kids and they are loving it! I love that I can customize the content. -6:27 PM Apr 8th, 

ha! #inappropriatechat #kinderchat -6:27 PM Apr 8th, 2013

I'm a big fan of the TeachMe apps. beginning addition and subtraction and TEACHES the concepts! #kinderchat -6:28 PM Apr 8th, 2013

blocks don't judge! BLOCKS FOR EVERYONE #unisexcubes #kinderchat -6:28 PM Apr 8th, 2013

I like using apps in creative ways/expanding uses like I did here w/felt board app for equal parts #kinderchat -6:28 PM Apr 8th, 2013

We have over 25+ educational #apps to help kids build key skills for learning: #kinderchat -6:28 PM Apr 8th, 2013

Q4: What ways can technology be used to promote inquiry in Math? #kinderchat -6:29 PM Apr 8th, 2013

My favorite might be color tiles....or a collection of buttons! But powerful are BLOCKS!!! #kinderchat -6:29 PM Apr 8th, 2013

Your blog is so amazing and full of creative uses of technology! Thanks for sharing your awesomeness! #kinderchat -6:29 PM Apr 8th, 2013

I like this app, it is an interactive game, up to 4 players, works on basic numeracy, #kinderchat -6:29 PM Apr 8th, 2013

My students may to create patterns/number work and take photos and talk about the thinking behind what they did. #kinderchat -6:30 PM Apr 8th, 2013

same back to you! I am always sending your stuff to peeps :) #kinderchat -6:30 PM Apr 8th, 2013

These amazingly cool teachers (& many like them!) r inspiring the love of reading/writing thru math! #kinderchat -6:30 PM Apr 8th, 2013

#Kinderchat Q4: I like when teachers use the technology as a then teach, practice then reinforce with the app/tech -6:30 PM Apr 8th, 2013

I've been using Super 7 with some Ks and grade 1s. Making different combos to equal 7. #kinderchat -6:30 PM Apr 8th, 2013  
hahaha laughing with you because I often feel like a #twitterdork #kinderchat -6:30 PM Apr 8th, 2013           

Use a camera to take a picture of a scene, any scene - and have kids share what they see "mathematically" #kinderchat -6:30 PM Apr 8th, 2013

#iPad app for Number Sense available this Friday for FREE. #urbaned #mathchat #kinderchat -6:30 PM Apr 8th, 2013

#kinderchat it is interesting to consider this I heard about thr SAMR model recently -6:31 PM Apr 8th, 2013

A4 it can be a facilitator of inquiry. It assists, models, and organizes for students so they can foster the ideas! #Kinderchat -6:31 PM Apr 8th, 2013

Great ideas and insight from others. These chats are so beneficial. Thanks #kinderchat -6:31 PM Apr 8th, 2013

OOps, Counting Race, #kinderchat -6:31 PM Apr 8th, 2013

I like to give the kids a number of the day and let them show me what they see or how to "make" that number #kinderchat -6:32 PM Apr 8th, 2013

So, when you first introduce number of the day, how do you present concept of "how to make 4?" #kinderchat -6:32 PM Apr 8th, 2013

Sites like Wonderopolis and other sites with video content can nudge math related inquiry. #kinderchat -6:32 PM Apr 8th, 2013

#kinderchat I like having the kids use , , & to express their creativity & learning in math. -6:32 PM Apr 8th, 2013

Here is more info on the number of the day #kinderchat -6:33 PM Apr 8th, 2013

We use a shape of the day and students need to make it and tell a story of where it is in the world. They use images from google #Kinderchat -6:33 PM Apr 8th, 2013

My kids love going on a 3-D shape search around the school- snap a pic and share with class. Then we make a book of it #kinderchat -6:33 PM Apr 8th, 2013

I let the kids build on their own knowledge. I keep asking what do you see, how else can you show the number #kinderchat -6:33 PM Apr 8th, 2013
Connecting to the math in all that we see is as essential as connecting to language, story, reading.Storytelling allows for that #kinderchat -6:33 PM Apr 8th, 2013
Karen, share your blog post about measurement & how your kiddos use tech to document learning.I can't find the link. #kinderchat -6:34 PM Apr 8th, 2013
is a slow process but eventually they start building ideas, key is that they come up with the ideas #kinderchat -6:34 PM Apr 8th, 2013

Thats also a great idea! Have a hard time making shapes fun besides "ispy" #kinderchat -6:34 PM Apr 8th, 2013

Really though, using Family Facebook as a tech tool to connect my K parents to their child's learning is huge #kinderchat -6:34 PM Apr 8th, 2013            
I keep having visions of "4 cats! 4 lines! 4 circles! 4 legos!" #kinderchat -6:34 PM Apr 8th, 2013

used cameras to take photos of angles outside #kinderchat -6:34 PM Apr 8th, 2013

good questioning Leads to better learning! #Kinderchat -6:35 PM Apr 8th, 2013

I read a math story at least 3x a week.. try to make up for not always having time to explicitly teach math lol #kinderchat -6:35 PM Apr 8th, 2013

I am probably underestimating the kids. Should prob just DO IT and see what happens. #CaptainObvious #kinderchat -6:35 PM Apr 8th, 2013

How do you share the pic w/the whole class? #Kinderchat -6:35 PM Apr 8th, 2013

Great idea. I have done for position words. RT : used cameras to take photos of angles outside #kinderchat -6:35 PM Apr 8th, 2013

#kinderchat yes, we don't need math apps that are worksheet replacements. We need math creation apps. -6:36 PM Apr 8th, 2013

Here's measurement but the kids blogs are where it's at. Just trying to find some of their links. #kinderchat -6:36 PM Apr 8th, 2013

Q5: The digital camera is an amazing tech tool! What are some ways you use this tool for math? #kinderchat -6:36 PM Apr 8th, 2013

Agree, many of my read-alouds are chosen for the math discussions I hope they invite. #kinderchat -6:36 PM Apr 8th, 2013

Taking photos of a concept and making a book is always a winner. #kinderchat -6:37 PM Apr 8th, 2013

My kids are always taking pictures on iPad & pulling then into an app that they can then annotate, add voice, & then share. #kinderchat -6:37 PM Apr 8th, 2013

q5: to show students work, idea that they can solve a problem more than one way is critical #kinderchat -6:37 PM Apr 8th, 2013        

#kinderchat our kids have been using The app DoodleBuddy to create their own graphs. -6:38 PM Apr 8th, 2013

I like the idea of making a Math book. Something the kids can take home and refer to. Keepsake momento too. #kinderchat -6:39 PM Apr 8th, 2013
#kinderchat I have the Kids "teach" their own math lessons using a chart or poster in the room. Then other kids watch them on their iPads. -6:39 PM Apr 8th, 2013
I take pictures of what they have done with manipulatives, then project them on screen & discuss. #kinderchat -6:39 PM Apr 8th, 2013
math books are good for 'acting out' what happened, too.#Kinderchat -6:39 PM Apr 8th, 2013

Wonderopolis STEM livebinder via features some math related wonders. #kinderchat -6:39 PM Apr 8th, 2013

A5: Brain boards. We put our thinking with manips on a brain board and take a picture - #kinderchat -6:39 PM Apr 8th, 2013           

A5 recording students work, taking time lapse images of learning, projecting work, recording audio of discussions #Kinderchat -6:39 PM Apr 8th, 2013
#Kinderchat Q5: using the app pic collage on a iPhone to illustrate observations from students then adding text is important. -6:39 PM Apr 8th, 2013

My class has access to the camera every minute of every day! The pictures can always be used for math #kinderchat -6:39 PM Apr 8th, 2013

Every new technology is an opportunity for learning. #kinderchat -6:39 PM Apr 8th, 2013

my kids use Sketchio as a whiteboard to solve and share problems, write numbers, etc. #kinderchat -6:40 PM Apr 8th, 2013

Love Doodle Buddy, we use it for voting and graphing. #kinderchat -6:40 PM Apr 8th, 2013

#kinderchat A5 you or a child take environment pics to create a pattern, show pattern slideshow to the class&have the kids guess,extend etc. -6:40 PM Apr 8th, 2013
I use digital pics to document patterns, sorting - math tasks that happen spontaneously during play. #kinderchat -6:40 PM Apr 8th, 2013

Great way to showcase their work and project on the Smartboard. Kids love to share their work with their classmates. BoostEsteem #kinderchat -6:41 PM Apr 8th, 2013

Take photos of them solving math work and saying this is what you look like when you are solving working thinking #kinderchat -6:41 PM Apr 8th, 2013    

same here. I have a small bin with 2 flips and 2 dig cams. Very handy. #kinderchat -6:41 PM Apr 8th, 2013

A5: Having camera avail. during centres captures student-led math i.e. blocks, snack table, dramatic play. #kinderchat -6:41 PM Apr 8th, 2013

Partnered with smart apps and Creative Educators : ) RT : Every new technology is an opportunity for learning. #kinderchat -6:41 PM Apr 8th, 2013

We have been making a lot of stories with Storybuddy2 app, next week we will be making math stories with pictures #kinderchat -6:41 PM Apr 8th, 2013

Doodle Buddy app is so easy to use for literacy & math tasks. Graphing, sorting & patterning & save to photos! #kinderchat -6:42 PM Apr 8th, 2013

Patterning with Draw and Tell #kinderchat -6:42 PM Apr 8th, 2013

do you print the pics?or project or? #kinderchat -6:42 PM Apr 8th, 2013

I rely on camera and vid for Playful Assessment - deep rich learning outside of the "math" time #kinderchat -6:42 PM Apr 8th, 2013 

Have name cards so they can put it above their work when they take a photo. So many times they don't remember which is which. #kinderchat -6:42 PM Apr 8th, 2013

The digital camera can give kids a voice in their learning, especially for young kids that often lack a voice #kinderchat -6:43 PM Apr 8th, 2013

How do you have the students send photos/video creations on multiple devices? Do you teach them how to email them/publish them? #kinderchat -6:43 PM Apr 8th, 2013

Famigo has tons of apps for kids here's one of our favorite camera apps #kinderchat -6:43 PM Apr 8th, 2013

my students use my iphone #kinderchat -6:43 PM Apr 8th, 2013

Showing numbersets with camera photos and iMovie #kinderchat -6:43 PM Apr 8th, 2013

We use Ipads/Ipods for camera - easier to use, share, create with pics. #kinderchat -6:43 PM Apr 8th, 2013

check in secondhand stores, and ask family - someone always has an old one tucked away #kinderchat -6:43 PM Apr 8th, 2013

Simple voting and graphing activity using the app Doodle Buddy, #kinderchat -6:43 PM Apr 8th, 2013

We're launching PEG + CAT that helps kids learn foundational #math concepts and skills this fall: #Kinderchat -6:44 PM Apr 8th, 2013

Digital camera also helps with kids who have issues "destroying" creations during clean up. Pictures are forever #kinderchat -6:44 PM Apr 8th, 2013

Then they can use those pictures to rebuild another time #math #kinderchat -6:44 PM Apr 8th, 2013

I have various methods for different types of media. Kids know process for each. They are very self sufficient. #kinderchat -6:44 PM Apr 8th, 2013

Creating story problems with video camera. #kinderchat -6:44 PM Apr 8th, 2013

Using the digital camera, taking pictures of real objects, makes math more concrete and salient for learners w/ spec. needs. #kinderchat -6:44 PM Apr 8th, 2013

buy and ipevo, only $65, driver free, super clear images... We have one in each room! #Kinderchat -6:44 PM Apr 8th, 2013

using doc camera connect, to pc, print, hold up and kids look... #kinderchat -6:45 PM Apr 8th, 2013                

yes, it's important that the kids have that choice and can be somewhat independent in learning #kinderchat -6:45 PM Apr 8th, 2013

#kinderchat I rarely print pics b/c have to use my own printer & ink, but I print a few for each kid display in hall & then send home -6:45 PM Apr 8th, 2013

RT : I use digital pics to document patterns, sorting - math tasks that happen spontaneously during play. #kinderchat -6:45 PM Apr 8th, 2013

By "efficacy" of technology, we don't mean short term gains, we mean long term number sense. Look past kindergarten. #kinderchat -6:45 PM Apr 8th, 2013

I think the digital camera should be a required tool for all classes, especially for math. #underused! #kinderchat -6:46 PM Apr 8th, 2013

Q6: In what ways can technology help integrate math into other areas of the curriculum? #kinderchat -6:46 PM Apr 8th, 2013

I teach grade one and so I'm quite lucky with the my students can created and upload their math independently #kinderchat -6:46 PM Apr 8th, 2013      

I purchased one of those. They are great. Now that we have document cam and Smartboard didn't think we needed it. #kinderchat -6:47 PM Apr 8th, 2013

Doodle Buddy #kinderchat possibilities are endless! -6:47 PM Apr 8th, 2013

altho an over reliance on tech can hinder kids need to get use to being a digital world especially long term #kinderchat -6:47 PM Apr 8th, 2013

Good reason to get an iPad- can be used as a doc camera, video camera, whiteboard, for manipulatives, etc... #kinderchat -6:47 PM Apr 8th, 2013

A6: Tech is important to help us document math in our interactive journals. Pictures are crucial! #kinderchat -6:48 PM Apr 8th, 2013

One area of struggles that our kids have is critical thinking with problem solving. Using visuals with technology will be useful #kinderchat -6:48 PM Apr 8th, 2013

The FREE PBS Parents Play & Learn app offers parents a resource to help w/ math @ home or on-the-go: #kinderchat -6:48 PM Apr 8th, 2013

I think the connection with math/tech to communication literacy is huge. It gets them reading, writing, speaking. #kinderchat -6:48 PM Apr 8th, 2013

Search "math" on my students blogs to see what they have created to demonstrate their numeracy skills. #kinderchat -6:49 PM Apr 8th, 2013
The IPEVO is a good and fairly inexpensive doc camera #kinderchat -6:49 PM Apr 8th, 2013

ooh, now I want to have kids create, take pics & have others recreate, one of our outcomes recreate what they see #kinderchat -6:49 PM Apr 8th, 2013

Wow -- if only K could be funded at the same level as other grades.. Could do so much more kid-centered tech. #Kinderchat -6:49 PM Apr 8th, 2013

I use the apps Keynote and Pages as an interactive whiteboard, insert objects and students can count, graph, match, etc. #kinderchat -6:50 PM Apr 8th, 2013

This is a fabulous resource for Teachers and Parents! #ptchat Will definitely pass on and list in our #Kinderchat Wiki Library -6:50 PM Apr 8th, 2013

#kinderchat I like using Zooburst Augmented Reality 3-D Pop up book app for story writing, math journaling and any expressive language task -6:50 PM Apr 8th, 2013

I print to photocopier all the time.i tell my kids that it isn't about the colour it is about the math #kinderchat -6:51 PM Apr 8th, 2013

We talk about math as a language in my class. Do you speak math? #Kinderchat -6:51 PM Apr 8th, 2013

this is a great resource for our home vistors/parent educators, we have been using it. #kinderchat -6:52 PM Apr 8th, 2013

I LOVE zooburst! #kinderchat -6:52 PM Apr 8th, 2013

I am always asking them to use their math words. Ha! #kinderchat -6:52 PM Apr 8th, 2013

Last Q:Share your favorite websites! Here are 45 math games all together in a #kinderchat symabloo -6:53 PM Apr 8th, 2013

Create a math picture prompt using the digital camera and have kids create a number story. Could project them / publish too. #kinderchat -6:53 PM Apr 8th, 2013

Try the Cat in the Hat's Math Safari - a suite of online #math games for kids: #kinderchat -6:53 PM Apr 8th, 2013        

Contemplating a math word wall in our area. Have kids create visuals for key vocab. #kinderchat -6:53 PM Apr 8th, 2013

I love all your symbaloos, I use them almost daily in KDG. #kinderchat -6:53 PM Apr 8th, 2013

#kinderchat So excited to try these great ideas with my kids! It is refreshing to collaborate with teachers who are excited about tech! -6:53 PM Apr 8th, 2013

Thought I'd share this piece about tech use for tech sake or added value tech usage: #kinderchat -6:54 PM Apr 8th, 2013

Some of my favorite websites for K here: #kinderchat -6:54 PM Apr 8th, 2013
Here are some of the websites my students like for numeracy. #kinderchat -6:54 PM Apr 8th, 2013

So many of our students w/ language delays need extra practice with that vocab, more, most, many, few, etc. #kinderchat -6:55 PM Apr 8th, 2013

Here are 30+ math games for young children counting, sorting, patterns etc. #kinderchat -6:55 PM Apr 8th, 2013

My symbaloo page. Has more than just math! #Kinderchat -6:56 PM Apr 8th, 2013
Our kids like using A lot great interactive games. #kinderchat -6:56 PM Apr 8th, 2013

OH MY GOODNESS!! Thank you all for so many good ideas! Yay to and . what a wonderful chat tonight! #kinderchat -6:56 PM Apr 8th, 2013

Virtual manipulatives, #kinderchat -6:57 PM Apr 8th, 2013
Be sure to check out the PBS KIDS Lab - over 100 #math & #literacy games and activities for kids! #kinderchat -6:57 PM Apr 8th, 2013
I gained so much from this chat. Going to share these resources with my colleagues. #kinderchat -6:57 PM Apr 8th, 2013
#Kinderchat www. -6:58 PM Apr 8th, 2013

Good night #kinderchat folks. It's been a pleasure. Now I have some new links for math activities for our desktop computers. Good night. -6:58 PM Apr 8th, 2013

Time to wrap up! That was a FAST chat, thank you to our wonderful guest and everyone who shared tonight! #kinderchat -6:58 PM Apr 8th, 2013

Loving the tech. But : ) the weight, texture, tactile of real stuff cannot be replaced, only supported and extended thru tech #kinderchat -6:59 PM Apr 8th, 2013

Thanks to #awesomesauce tech-team moderator #kinderchat and the always amazing -6:59 PM Apr 8th, 2013

#kinderchat Here is my math symbaloo mix -7:00 PM Apr 8th, 2013

#kinderchat #spanish kinder #DualLanguage -7:07 PM Apr 8th, 2013

: PEG and Cat are pretty funny. Kids will like it, will try it out tomorrow. #kinderchat #kinderchat -7:07 PM Apr 8th, 2013

Hands on, real objects=primary! No debate there! But tech is a helpful tool we are all learning about. #kinderchat -7:55 PM Apr 8th, 2013

I'm helping to organize a tech PD and 1 of the requests was how to blog in kindergarten.Kindergarten teachers:any suggestions? #kinderchat -8:09 PM Apr 8th, 2013

kidblog is a super easy way to go. Is that what you mean? Start with teacher modeling & sharing it's purpose w/kids? #kinderchat -8:31 PM Apr 8th, 2013                       

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