Thursday, October 3, 2013

As requested... coming to more cities near you!

I've been asked by many blog readers if I'll be going to more cities this year to present about using technology in Kindergarten- and the answer is YES!  BER just released the brochure for my west coast seminars which will be held in December.  The full brochure can be found by going to website Seminars and Conferences and clicking on Arizona (Pheonix), California (San Jose), Washington (Seattle and Spokane) and Oregon (Portland).

I'll be heading east in the spring to 15 more cities (even Canada) and will post the particulars as soon as the details are worked out.  In the meantime go to for all the wonderful professional development offerings in your area.  You can also visit this link: to request a quote to have me come directly to your school through the onsite seminar program. 

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  1. Hurrah! I am so glad that you are coming to San Jose! See you in December!


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