Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Connected Science: Science Project, Wiki's, Google Docs, and Skype

I LOVE my Twitter PLN (Professional Learning Network) #kinderchat !  We have been doing some exciting things this year!

My class has joined  Kindergarten classes from Canada, US, and New Zealand to find out if eggs are the same around the world... We are conducting a simple but fun science experiment.  More information can be found here, Eggciting Experiment Wiki, on the procedures and observations with the kids.  There are google docs embedded in the page that we have used to document the project. 

Today my students skyped on the iPad with a K class participating in the project from Vancouver Island, British Colombia- a couple of my students showed their eggs, and her students shared theirs.  The children had a great time sharing their observations.  I love skype play for the converstions and sense of wonder the children have.  They discussed the time (Vancouver BC is in the same time zone as us) weather (they had rain too) and even recess.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Go read this blog... it's what I'm reading today!

Good news/bad news.  The New iPad is out/I don't have one.  

Oh well.  I am consoling myself by reading about what others are doing with their iPads.  And trying to ignore the people who are bragging on their amazing retina display.  Go ahead, brag, you deserve to.  I just don't have to like it! 

For those without, like me, you can read about others' experiences too. 

I follow Moms with Apps  on Twitter @momswithapps and like them on Facebook ( )- trust me, YOU SHOULD TOO.  Every Friday they host APP Friday, with discounted or free apps!

They shared this blog link today regarding iPad use in Kindergarten:

So far I've read only a few posts, but I hope you enjoy exploring it too!

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