Thursday, April 28, 2016

No more white boards...

One of my favorite free apps that I use every day in my classroom is Sketchio (available only on the iPad).  Android users there are drawing apps (I use one called Drawing) you can use in place of Sketchio.   What I love though about Sketchio, is that students don't have to erase if they have run out of space.  With Sketchio, they simply go to the next page and continue writing and I can check ALL the work they've done.  AND, no smelly, dried out markers!!!  Last week my students were working on beginning, middle and ending sounds.  I asked them to write B M E at the top of the page and two lines separating them.  Then I dictated words and they separated the sounds.  If the students get the spelling wrong, they simply copy the first student who gets it correct (which I show on the board).

Image result for sketch io appSketchio app (make sure you get the blue Sketchio not the green one!)

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