Sunday, April 17, 2011

Best Apps for Education

I am experimenting using GoogleDocs as a way to put information about apps I've tried and recommend in a format that easy to view and update. This is a work in progress. Please see my Archive or Pages for apps I've previously recommended until I transfer all the apps into the form. I will be updating the spreadsheet with my recommendations as time permits. I hope to make it sortable by price, rating, and grade level soon.

Link to the webpage form of my "Apps for Education" spreadsheet which includes an iTunes link to the app, the price (at the time I entered the info), suggested grade levels, subjects covered by the app, and my informal rating of the app.

Click *here* to suggest an app to be added to my list. I reserve the right to modify or delete your suggestion if: it's a duplicate, or I really don't agree with your review.

view the page from within the blog:

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