Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Mobile 2011- finally!

I have been looking forward to this conference for a few months.  I may experience letdown after it's over- what will I look forward to now?  Oh, yeah- a cruise to ALASKA!)

ok, back to Mobile2011!  It has certainly lived up to expectations.  First of all, I really like the venue.  Phoenix is beautiful (and dry!  I LOVE Washington State but I am soooo sick of the rain rain rain this year particularly.) The Hyat Regency Downtown is lovely- and I have had great service so far from staff.  AND the catered dinner was very yummy!

After some bumpy internet access issues (you had to have known that since this is a techie conference that something wouldn't work!) we got up and going in the sessions. Tony Vincent is hilarious, and there has been some great sessions so far.  I learned about some new apps and have lots of new ideas for using technology in class.   I am not even going to try to summarize them because the team putting the event on has created a blog for attendees to post about the experience... with the incentive of a free ipad2 drawing at the end of the week, with good posts rewarded with extra entries.  SO, people are blogging their hearts out on there, and I have added notes from the sessions I have been to thus far!  If you go to the mobile2011 site you can access the blog, or here's the link:  There are some really great ideas on here!

I will be sure to add some of the info over the next few weeks as I explore the ideas and apps more. 

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