Friday, April 8, 2011

I love mistakes!

After all, mistakes are often the stepping stone to finding a new solution to a problem. So, I want to fess up to making a mistake on my blog! I try to be transparent to my students when I make a mistake (and I even make mistakes on purpose sometimes- although it's not necessary to pretend- I make enough naturally!) so they see how I react to a challenge.

On the right you may have noticed links to some of my favorite sites... yesterday I was doing a recording of my screen to use in a presentation for the mobile2011 conference and realized that I'd entered .com instead of .org on one of my favorite sites. So, I want to give a little attention to this site- even though it's not "digital" per se, I use it regularly. so I fixed the link- it should work now!

If you do art with elementary (and up too) kids you HAVE got to see this site. I have done her giraffe mural and countless other activities from here.

One way I incorporate using technology in my art lessons is to use google images to find art similar to the project we are doing. For example, when we made a Kandinsky mural, I showed students a lot of artwork by Kandinsky and some other modern artists.

Then I printed some info from a website and put it up along side our mural to let other classrooms benefit from our art and the history of modern art. I also printed mini-photos of some of his other work and put those up too.

Last week we were painting and one students' piece reminded me of Van Gogh's Sunflowers... so I connected and showed some of his depictions of sunflowers.

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