Thursday, March 31, 2011

Teaching Gadget: Splashtop Remote

So, here's an app that turns your iPad into a great teaching gadget- your own computer! I have only used it for two days and already I love it!

The good news is, for those of you attending Mobile2011 next week, Splashtop's developer is giving away the app (2 at EACH session!) so you may win your way to the app for free.  If you don't get one for free, it is an app well worth the $4.99 price tag. 

We all know that one of the biggest drawbacks to the iPad/iPod/iPhone is the lack of flash support.  Well, with Splashtop Remote you can use Flash based sites from your iPad/iPod/iPhone!  Eureka!

Look at these screen shots taken from my iPad while I used and, and down below, a student is using three of my favorite websites that did not work before on my iPad.   Awesome as my daughter would say!

 Now, I am still figuring out Splashtop's advanced features- I'll be sure to update as I figure out more ways to use it...  I am sure there are untapped depths to the app... and yet, if all I can do is access my favorite ECE sites AND my documents from my iPad...

Well, for $4.99 ($1.99 for iPod), it's well worth it!  If you are going to come to my session @mobile2011, I will be using my iPad with Splashtop Remote during the presentation instead of being tied to my Mac and 2 attendees will get free copies! 
To use Splashtop you download the app on the iPad/iPod/iPhone, and download the free application onto your computer.  In just a few steps (I did it Tuesday am in just minutes) you connect to your PC and you can access anything from your computer via your iPad/iPod/iPhone.    The smaller screen with touch is a little difficult for me to adjust to, but it has gotten easier every time.  Above, a student is playing Hangmouse on  Then he passes the iPad to his next classmate so they can take a turn.

Beth, you asked about the iPad and interactive whiteboards... here is a great way for students to interact from the carpet/tables with what you're doing on the board!

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