Saturday, March 19, 2011

Customizable App: Kidimedia

Have you visited the (I Education Apps Review) site yet?  I have enjoyed being a member of the site, on which educators review apps and developers look for feedback on current and upcoming apps.  Through the site I contacted one of the creators of the Kidimedia app (their site is and was given a code to try it out.  My review of the app is long overdue, so here it is!

Kidimedia app currently costs $1.99

What excited me about this app was that it is customizable.  You can go to their website, upload your images, and create an activity that you designed!   While it works without an internet connection, while connected the games are almost limitless.  They have made several updates since I first tried it and they have made some major improvements!

Kidimedia offers multiple, well developed features all in one handy app, with up to three difficulty levels:

Lily's puzzle- "Look it's me!"

Jigsaw Puzzles-  My daughter loves this one, especially the pictures of our family I have added using the website. 
Connect the dots- I like this one a lot- you touch the next number and the number is read aloud.  Once the dots are connected the matching image comes up, after the child is prompted to guess what it will be and given time to think.
Stamping- Choose a backdrop, then decorate with adjustable stamps.
Sliding Window- touch a square to reveal a part of the picture underneath.  Try to guess the picture.
Shades (match outline of an object to it's picture)
Memory- classic game- and one I look forward to customizing- I'd like to do sight words and such.
Ordering- put images in order- such as the life cycle of a caterpillar.
Counting down before revealing the picture.
Sorting game (matching pairs such as A-E & a-e or 1-5 & the correct number of objects, or colored keys to colored locks).

For the price, the many activities are wonderful, and the fact that you can customize the games to fit your child or your curriculum makes it perfect for education!

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