Sunday, March 6, 2011

Newer apps that I like :)

Before I share the new apps list, I want to say a HUGE thank you to all developers who offer free apps that are quality and educational.  Teachers often spend so much of their own money on the classroom- and I am no exception.  Money is tight everywhere, but enough so in my household that I have had to really reign in my classroom spending.  My own children have needs, and I have bills to pay, so justifying spending money on apps for the classroom is really tough.  And yet, they are so amazing for the children to use.  So THANK YOU for giving to young children by making such amazing apps and giving them away.  And thank you too to the developers who ask only $.99 versus $4.99 or more and those who make lite versions for us penny pinchers to try before we buy. 

And K.B., the ones with a AVA next to them are for you!  Well, for Ava, and all other adorable preschoolers out there! Theses are ones Lily loves and I like to see her play.

I have re-posted my previous list of favorite apps further below, but first, here are some newer ones for you to try:
Newer Free/Lite Versions
iTalk (use to record students reading and playback)
PhotoTouch ABC (asks child to identify letter, customizable)
PhotoTouch Sight Words (asks child to identify words, customizable)
ABC Magic Reading by preschool university (segment, blend words) I am not sure if this was free or not.  I might have bought it. But it is a very good app.
Dr Kids Lite (mixed feelings, this version has A-D.  I like the format and features a lot.  I would buy the full version, except I really don't like the accent for my class (English I think?- well I like the accent, but not for teaching American children phonics) and it's 5.99 (pretty steep considering I'd have to buy for all my iPads).
Learn to read Z is for Zebra (ABC names, sounds)  AVA
my alphabet coloring book (simple, but well done)  AVA
Alphabet Zoo (cute cute cute)  AVA
Blobble Write- is really good for a free handwriting/letter formation app.  AVA
ACE learning combo pack (letters, animals, sounds) AVA
Long Division (great for 3rd and up) by Power Math Apps
Stack the Countries
Geared 2 (a slightly educational game that requires careful placement of gears.)
4 in a row  (aka as Connect 4)
caboose (patterning)

Flick Kick Field Goal Kick Off (fun game)
Ping Pong (fun, not educational)
Sand Slides (another just for fun game)
Mad Skills MX (was free on FAAD when I got, another fun game)
iassociate2 (this is for me- for fun and to try to exercise my brain)
Geared 2 (a slightly educational game that requires careful placement of gears.)
4 in a row  (aka as Connect 4)

Apps I previously recommended:
* app is free or has a lite version

Multiple subjects
Teach me kindergarten, (also teach me toddler and first grade)  only $.99 cents each
*ABC letters (mathaliens- also has shapes numbers)
*iplay and sing AVA
ABC magnetic land  AVA
*Feed Me! 
*Doodlebuddy  AVA
*Puppet Pals
Drawing Pad  AVA

For literacy/writing
*iwritewords (there is also a spanish version)
make a word
*Montessori Words
*Time Reading
*tales2go (free for a limited time, definitely a great app!)
starfall ABC's     AVA
*magnetic ABCs 
ABC magic
*ABC tris
*word magic
*abc phonics
*alphabet tracing
*play and learn

*RF Alphabet
*sightwords free

*A-Z books (like the leveled readers website) has one free book levels aa-j
*Toy Story
*the grouches
*Dictionary (curious george)
*Read Me Stories
*big secret
*Storychimes (multiple stories)
Pop Out Peter Rabbit
Dr.Seuss ABC
Xmas Tale
*going places
*TTiptoes (tale of timmy tiptoes by b. potter)
*what's that you're eating?
*iReading HD17
There are also several Dr. Seuss and Miss Spider's lite versions available.

Park Math 
counting (great for counting to 20 practice)  AVA
*Freddy Fraction
*Numbers (montessori)
*Make shapes
*animals count
*sticker shop (money)
*Lets do math
*Math ninja (the kids LOVE this)
*times tables
*lets tans
*undersea math
*math circus
*mathboard addition
*fraction reducer

Puzzles (my daughter loves these)
*Shapebuilder  AVA
*tozzle  AVA

*ForestFriends  AVA
*Animal match
*audio note
*dragon dictation
*live notes
*going places
*Free App a Day- 

Science/Social Studies
*USA Free
*GoSkyWatch  AVA
*speed geo lite
*Wacky Safari free
*stack the states

*pocket frogs
*mx mayhem
*Talkingtom  AVA
*talking roby
*cut the rope  AVA
*blowfish  AVA
*trace (super dorky illustrations but I love this!)  AVA
*game room

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