Sunday, March 6, 2011

iPad 2

I love the iPad.  I've wanted to buy one for my family since they came out.  When our school started using them I begged and pleaded and whined until I got 5 to use in class.  Then I got 5 more (well one is on loan from another teacher- I'm hoping she'll forget!)   I use one as my "Master" iPad- I try new apps, use it to record kids' reading, the students use it, I use it a lot myself, and yes my daughter loves it too.   But it's not mine.  I want my own iPad because I don't like using school property as my own.  When I let Lily use it I feel guilty.  I try to tell myself she's a future student... but that only helps a little.  I feel guilty putting on apps I enjoy. 

So, I am sitting here, at midnight, wondering how I can get my hands on an iPad 2 next Friday.  I just watched the video of Steve Jobs presenting the iPad2 and am a little worried about how much I want one. I guess I am just a big kid.  I am trying to convince myself that paying the wonderful woman who cares for my daughter while I teach isn't that important, or surely we can skip one car payment or...

I had planned to buy one as soon as the second gen came out, no question about it.  I viewed it as a reward for becoming a National Board Certified Teacher on the first try.  I didn't spend my Christmas or Birthday money gifts.  I thought that by Spring we'd be financially steady.  I "need" one for the two upcoming conferences I am presenting at- really, I'll be the only one who doesn't have one...  However unforeseen expenses have used up all discretionary funds. 

So, ok, I guess there's no iPad2 in my immediate future (although I did suggest to my husband that we cancel our cruise and get iPad2s instead.  He did not appreciate the sentiment.)  I am trying to tell myself to be grateful to have health, my family, a job, a home and so much more.  Perspective people!  BUT, I still really want the new iPad2.  Enough whining for now I guess. 

So how would I utilize the 2nd generation iPad in my Kindergarten classroom?
1. Camera (to take pics of kids, kids to take pics, kids to record their creations- lego, blocks, etc). 
2. Video (kids can read to themselves and playback, kids could facetime other students in other schools,  video presentations, record directions for playback)
I use my camera a lot in class and would love to use the new iPad instead.
3. LOVE the new garage band app (for the kids) and iMovie (for me). 
4.-6.  Thinner, lighter, faster!!!
I am sure I will find more reasons to need the new iPad.  I hope you can get one too.  Someday.

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