Thursday, November 22, 2012

Is the iPad Mini "Just Right" for Kindergarten?

Choosing an iDevice for your classroom...

Just as Goldilocks had three choices, there are now three iDevices available for teachers to choose from. 

The iPod might be too small (but the price might be ‘just right’ for your budget) for classroom use.  Some apps don’t work on the iPod, and some just don’t look right or are harder to use.  iPods are not big enough for a lot of creative use or collaboration.

The iPad might be too big, in price and size.  It’s better for creating, and with the largest screen it’s great for collaborative projects too.

The iPad Mini might be ‘just right’ for your classroom.  Smaller, lighter, but with a good sized screen... the iPad Mini is big enough to do everything it’s biggest sister can do, but fits better into your kindergartners tiny hands.  And the price (iPad $499, Mini $329, iPod $199) is more affordable.

Another benefit to the Mini is the lightning power cord- it can be inserted in either direction and is easier for small fingers (and me too).  I've previously mentioned that it's not safe to let kinders plug iPads in using the 30 pin chargers- they can jam it in the wrong way and damage the device.

Ipad 2, Mini, iPhone
Which would be just right for you?


  1. In our kindergarten, we are really excited about trying out the iPad mini. It's not available in our region yet. (International school)

    I currently have 8 full sized iPads. They are great, I could never complain about having them. The larger screen is good for the art apps, a lot of the logic or math games, and and even Starfall, as pictured above. Of course, the large keyboard is helpful for these younger children since they are not quite used to touch typing yet. The only time that I wish we had smaller devices is when my students are using it to record video or snap photos. It is a bit unwieldy for them, especially with the cover flapping around.

    So now I am thinking in an ideal world, I'd love to have a number of iPads and a number of iPod touches. Not sure how many of each. The iPod touch could be used for photographing, recording audio, video, manipulating that media. And could also be used for a listening station.

    If that's my idea ECE classroom, I'm not sure where the iPad mini fits in. I'd have to get my hands on one and try it out to know! :)

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