Saturday, November 17, 2012

Getting Started with Twitter

Twitter is: Professional development, collaboration, and community like no other!

So you want to Tweet but don't know where to begin?  
Here's a great place to start- Hundreds of Education Related Hash Tags are available from

Hashtag (#) 101
Use the # before your most important words or phrases (no spaces)
Click on a #word to find  other posts with the same hastag.
#’s can be in the beginning, middle or end of a tweet

Popular Education Hash Tags
#edchat – Education, worldwide 
#kinderchatKindergarten teachers unite! Mondays at 6e/9p
#edtech – Use of technology in education.
#edapp or #iosedapp – Educational apps
#slide2learniDevices and learning
#mathchat – Mathematics
#scichat – Science
#engchat – English
#artsed – Arts in education
#musedchat – Music
#eltchatEnglish language teacher
#SSChat – Social studies chat
#ntchat - New teachers
#spedchat – Tuesdays at 8:30 e/9p special education chat

My Favorite People/Companies to Follow:
@TCEA Tweets when apps are free!
@Kristy_Vincent Tech Integration Specialist- often tweets from conferences about tech
@happycampergirl of the #kinderchat hood
@learningmurd of the #kinderchat hood
@Matt_Gomez of the #kinderchat hood
@NAEYC The National Association for the Education of Young Children
@hechternacht of the #kinderchat hood
@iPodsibilities shares tech news and ideas
@ipadSammy follow his iPad!
@tonyvincent my favorite tech guru

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