Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Free Code for Count to 100 app available

I was given a code to share with you, dear followers, for "Count to 100" an iPad app that is usually $1.99.  (If you don't follow www.adigitalkindergarten.com yet, it's easy- input your email address over to the right!  But you don't have to in order to win the code.)

I haven't tried the app out yet- but will report soon on what I think!  Find out more about the app here- http://fuzzybees.com/
I will pick someone who answers one of these questions:

What feature(s) would you like to see in a counting app?
How important is reporting student progress in an app to you?
Do you want apps to have multiple user accounts to track student data?
Do you want fun 'reward' activities included in learning apps?

Please provide a thoughtful response- the goal here is to give developers feedback in what teachers want in an app!  Respond in comments (I won't post your email to the blog) or email sue@adigitalkindergarten.com

Kristy Hhas left a new comment on your post "Free Code for Count to 100 app available": 

Fun rewards activities are quite motivating for my Kindergarten students. I think for boys building a car or rocket after each activity they complete would be motivating. For the girls building a flower garden or free form drawing would be motivating.

Thanks Kristy!

Rachael has left a new comment on your post "Free Code for Count to 100 app available": 

This looks really cool! 
I do appreciate when an app has 'reward' activities that are also engaging, and support the content in the app. In an app like this, issuing a challenge to find a certain number the fastest, or select every number with the digit '4' in it within a time frame would be a hit with my kiddos! 
On another question, it's important to me that a counting app, particularly in a 100's format like this one, that I can highlight and select different columns, rows and randoms easily. :) 

Thanks Rachael!

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  1. My class loves this app and we use it almost every day. The one thing I wish that we could do with this app or another counting app is start at a different number.

    I would like an app that allowed me to track the progress of each student and have a report emailed to me. So I can pick apps or create a folder of apps for that child.


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