Friday, August 5, 2011

Sosh App for Social Skills Development

I am thrilled to have won a promo code for SOSH from SOSH and Teaching All Students! I am looking forward to using it with my oldest son and in class next year as needed.
UPDATE:I got the free code (THANK YOU! SOSH and Teaching All Students)and I've begun using it with my boys. I expected to use it only with my oldest, who has ADD and undiagnosed mental disorder, but actually used it with my youngest son first. He has been in a terrible mood lately... Easily angered, instigating arguments, nasty temper, etc. When he started to lose his cool again the other day I opened the SOSH app and used some of it's features with him. He really responded to the deep breathing prompts, the perspective tool and the block it out feature. When I used it with my oldest tonight, he loved the shredder and liked rationg how the different problem solutions worked or didn't work for him tonight. I love that I had pre personalized the block it out feature with one of their own favorite songs... Got them singing along and letting go of some anger.

I am looking forward to using more features. Be sure to follow the link bellow for a great review of SOSH.

About SOSH
SoshTM is a new approach to social skills development. The Sosh methodology breaks down social functioning into five essential areas: Relate (Connect with Others), Relax (Reduce Stress), Regulate (Manage Behaviors), Reason (Think it Through), and Recognize (Understand Feelings). These 5 R's serve as a roadmap for individuals who struggle with social skills and also serve as a guide for parents, teachers, and therapists.

I loved the review of the app on Teaching All Students blog... Check it out here.

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