Thursday, August 25, 2011

1:1 iPads in my Kindergarten class! Yippee!

I found out today that I am for sure getting a class set of iPads. Last September I saw an iPad for the first time... by November I had begged, pleaded and nagged until I got 5 for my classroom. By March I had 7. In May I got up to a total of 11. Then I started begging, pleading and nagging about a class set for September. Lo and behold... my wish was granted! I am expecting 21 students, and will have 21 iPads. I also have one iPad2 that will be used for video and photo projects by all the kids.

I am trying to plan for how the iPads will enhance or improve the day. For management purposes I am leaving off the 'FUN' apps- angry birds, motocross, jelly car'- at least for now. I may add those on later. Maybe.

After the first few days the kids will be able to use any app prior to school starting.

When the bell rings the children will open Sketchio and draw/write. Later in the year they can choose from other 'digital ink' apps but for the beginning of the year less options result in less issues.

I will use my iPad as an interactive whiteboard using Splashtop's Whiteboard app during group time.

Instead of whiteboards the kids will use Sketchio to write letter/words as a group. (No more passing out boards, pens or erasers. no ink on clothes, skin or the floor. No stinky dry erase markers that dry out and squeak.)

I will continue to use iPads as learning centers for math and reading- it will just be much easier to differentiate.

I will still use the dock for 'the best' apps for learning. I will still have a plethora of books in folders for the kids to read on page one, as well as apps (like Sketchio) that I want the kids to have easy access to.)

Issues I need to address before school starts:
how to store safely, but with quick access for the kids?


  1. We LOVE our iPads too! So glad to have found your blog.


  2. Wow! iPads are awesome. It didn't realize that they could be used for so much in kindergarten. I would love to get some for my classroom. How did you get them? Just by asking your district? I know that my district will not be able to get them for us. Do you know of any grants in which I could apply? Thanks! Your ideas are great.

  3. We had a bake sale and raised enough money for 2 iPads in our class! Then I got two more by writing for a grant from a local business.


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