Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Great websites for teachers

I started this blog because teachers kept asking me about my experiences using technology and I wanted to "pay it forward" to say thanks for all the amazing websites that have freely shared wonderful ideas and resources during the past 15 years I've been in the teaching field.

Tonight, instead of sleeping, I've been working on letters to my new kindergarten families and looking online for new teaching ideas. So, I wanted to share a few of my favorite sites/blogs in case you haven't found these ones yet. They are not all tech related... but they do have great ideas, so check them out!

Teaching Blog Addict- my newest find

LadyBugsTeacherFiles blog-great ideas and downloads

Ana-White's terrific furniture plans for the DIY teachers

Florida's Reading Resources, search for reading skill activities

Reading Rockets-Good literacy info for all

We Give Books...Read books, and they donate books to needy kids

A4CWSN... App reviews, iPad fundraising, App Parties oh my!

Tony V's Ultimate mobile learning site

Wonderful list of apps sorted by skills/IEP goals.

Tech in (Spl) Ed site... Loved by me for free app Fridays.

Love Brainpop... free video a week or subscription

Littlest Learners blog- Great ideas for organization- the area I am most lacking in!

Storyline Online-Stories read by Actors

ESGI Online Assessment for K/1 (not free)

AWESOME Art Projects For Kids

Oswego Online Math Games

K Kove-SF Reading Street for K

Kelly's K for you open court teachers, plus great games and homework

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