Monday, October 1, 2012

#Kinderchat Talks About Technology in Kindergarten

Here are some of my favorite tweets from #kinderchat on Monday October 1st, 2012.  Remember, you can chat live with the #kinderchat 'hood' Mondays at 6pm ET/9PM PT

The topic was Tech goals/concerns this year.  I highly suggest following these amazing people if you don't already.  I didn't copy all the tweets- for an archive of the actual chat, see the last chat post I copied or head over to the kinderchat blog page,

You can read down the page... usually in Twitter your read your way up from the oldest to the newest post; here I copied in the order (mostly) it showed up in the #kinderchat discussion

   Learning Today Looks Nothing Like Learning in the Past #kinderchat -5:48 PM Oct 1st, 2012 checking in for #kinderchat, our site curriculum is geared towards learners ages 2-6, excited about today's topic! -6:04 PM Oct 1st, 2012

    I want to provide many tech options and let them choose what they want to learn. #kinderchat -6:10 PM Oct 1st, 2012

   I have 2 goals: Continue to look for tech that promotes creativity and find tech that makes me excited about teaching#kinderchat -6:10 PM Oct 1st, 2012

   My goal/hope: to involve kids more in creating/maintaining  portfolios. Tks to  for inspiration. #kinderchat -6:11 PM Oct 1st, 2012

   #kinderchat my tech goal is to use it even though it is like slogging through quicksand. And to get off my  and advocate for better -6:11 PM Oct 1st, 2012
   Any favorite Kindergarten resources for social studies that you can recommend? #kinderchat -6:10 PM Oct 1st, 2012

  twitter, kinderchat play projects, google/apple maps #kinderchat -6:11 PM Oct 1st, 2012

   Goal: use to tech to capture student's learning and build their eportfolios #kinderchat -6:11 PM Oct 1st, 2012

    I hope to make my website the hub of communication with parents, use ip iclass when they arrive at the school. #kinderchat -6:12 PM Oct 1st, 2012

   My personal goal is to use less tech - but use it better. (if that makes any sense) #kinderchat -6:12 PM Oct 1st, 2012

   Hi, Jodi from MN. My goal is to find tech that supports diverse learners. #kinderchat -6:13 PM Oct 1st, 2012

   I also want to use tech to enhance learning not be the focus of the learning #kinderchat -6:14 PM Oct 1st, 2012

   #kinderchat i hope to integrate tech more. It's a challenge when you don't have a lot of resources. I want to get more creative this year. -6:14 PM Oct 1st, 2012

   #kinderchat my goal. Do online lesson planning so parents can see each lessons objective from home. -6:14 PM Oct 1st, 2012

   I just got 10 iP this week. Hooray! I want my kiddos to have a nice balance between tech & play #kinderchat -6:15 PM Oct 1st, 2012

   #kinderchat use tech to connect parents to their child's real learning experiences -6:15 PM Oct 1st, 2012

   I want my kids to see tech as a tool not only a toy#kinderchat -6:16 PM Oct 1st, 2012
   Another goal is to use tech to provide students with more control and ownership in their learning. #kinderchat -6:15 PM Oct 1st, 2012

    Skype is an amazing resource We do#skypeplay in timezone friendly ways, and #globalclassroom has great stuff too #kinderchat -6:17 PM Oct 1st, 2012

   #kinderchat our school is trying out showbie as a Canadian alternative to evernote for dig portfolios -6:18 PM Oct 1st, 2012

   I will be checking out Project Noah."Citizen Scientists" #kinderchat -6:19 PM Oct 1st, 2012

   Question Two: What NEW tech tool, site, app will you be using this year? #kinderchat -6:16 PM Oct 1st, 2012

   Goal 2- using evernote for all my notetaking Photo for recording notes so I can throw papers away #kinderchat -6:18 PM Oct 1st, 2012

    New tech tool is Apple TV.... as soon as the network issues get sorted out and I can actually use it! #kinderchat -6:18 PM Oct 1st, 2012

   Using the new Spelling city app for my students and my children alot. #kinderchat -6:20 PM Oct 1st, 2012

   I also just got a SMART table this year #kinderchat kids took to it straight away, no demos or anything -6:19 PM Oct 1st, 2012

   New tool for me - adding Skitch to  system. Looks promising so far. #kinderchat -6:20 PM Oct 1st, 2012

   Just started Quadblogging today. #kinderchat -6:21 PM Oct 1st, 2012

   #kinderchat hi sorry to be late. This year I plan to start blogging earlier, set up class twitter & learn to use smart board effectively -6:21 PM Oct 1st, 2012

    I do. there are a bunch of premade lessons for it on Smart exchng and u can set it so it reads text to the kids #kinderchat -6:22 PM Oct 1st, 2012
   RT : RT #kinderchat hi sorry to be late. This year I plan to start blogging earlier, set up class twitter & learn to use smart ... -6:22 PM Oct 1st, 2012
 Using iPad video camera, Google forms and a few apps (Dragon dictation) for data collection, observation and assessment.#kinderchat -6:21 PM Oct 1st, 2012
      I blogged how I do it here: #kinderchat -6:23 PM Oct 1st, 2012
   Does anyone know of a handwriting app that includes the "modern" or D'Nealian style? #1stchat #kinderchat -6:23 PM Oct 1st, 2012

 Question 3: How will you use tech to connect your class w/world. What goals do you have for that? #kinderchat -6:23 PM Oct 1st, 2012
    That's awesome! I worry for the Ks that just want to be plugged in, not really play, though. But I'm jealous!#kinderchat -6:23 PM Oct 1st, 2012
 I use evernote for personal/prof. I've found it difficult to collect student pieces in digital format quickly/efficiently. tips?#kinderchat -6:23 PM Oct 1st, 2012   Using iPad video camera, Google forms and a few apps (Dragon dictation) for data collection, observation and assessment.#kinderchat -6:21 PM Oct 1st, 2012

   I will be using my class website,, skitch and Skype along w/ ip apps for creating. #kinderchat -6:23 PM Oct 1st, 2012

    See description here -6:24 PM Oct 1st, 2012

    Letterschool app #kinderchat -6:24 PM Oct 1st, 2012

   My goal for global collaboration is to continue with#skpeplay, K around world and postcard exchange #kinderchat -6:25 PM Oct 1st, 2012

   I participated in so many great collab projects last year I hope to continue to do so as well as come up with a few new ones.#Kinderchat -6:25 PM Oct 1st, 2012
 FYI: we will be chatting about  and digital portfolios during our next tech topic #kinderchat -6:26 PM Oct 1st, 2012
    I hope to #skypeplay 3 times per week, connect w/twitter for K Around the World and #flatclass projects.#kinderchat -6:26 PM Oct 1st, 2012
   Twitter & class blogs are great to spark connection between classes. Skype can be used to cement it and G-docs for shared work.#kinderchat -6:27 PM Oct 1st, 2012
   Takeaway from #kinderchat so far, teachers are using: Apple TV, Evernote, Google Hangout for global projects, and Smart boards/tables! -6:27 PM Oct 1st, 2012
    our staff like the combo of the iPad and Google forms, handy and portable. On the spot data collection.#kinderchat -6:27 PM Oct 1st, 2012

   A3: I like idea of skyping with kids in other countries that speak the language they're trying to learn #kinderchat how do you set it up? -6:27 PM Oct 1st, 2012
     hope to get in on some of that action! #skypeplay #flatclass #kinderchat -6:30 PM Oct 1st, 2012
   I loved how much of an authentic awareness my students gained last year of geography and global awareness through skype/twitter #kinderchat -6:31 PM Oct 1st, 2012
   Question 4: What are some simple ways to incorporate tech? (for newbies or those w/limited tech) #kinderchat -6:31 PM Oct 1st, 2012
 Just want to chime in that our site is free for public schools to use & for a limited time preschools & private schools. #kinderchat-6:31 PM Oct 1st, 2012
    #skypeplay and twitter are easy...all you need is one piece of tech. #kinderchat -6:33 PM Oct 1st, 2012
   My favorite tech tool is the dig camera So easy to incorporate and most schools have them #kinderchat -6:34 PM Oct 1st, 2012
    Digital cameras (Fall, Numbers, colours, patterns) Do mini-units on these, have kids take photos/project/print off #kinderchat -6:36 PM Oct 1st, 2012
    Open a Class Twitter and tweet one thing the kids learned that day #kinderchat -6:35 PM Oct 1st, 2012
   Digital camera is a gateway technology, might lead to interest in digital storytelling tools, e portfolios..gr8 place to start#kinderchat -6:35 PM Oct 1st, 2012
   #kinderchat i stil love the Flip Camera for kids to Make a Movie. Dig camera vid is good, and use my iphone too -6:35 PM Oct 1st, 2012
      my K love Blobblewrite. #kinderchat -6:36 PM Oct 1st, 2012
   #kinderchat  I love the idea of snapping pictures to keep as documentation #specialedjustgoteasier! -6:37 PM Oct 1st, 2012
   I love that you're bringing the nations and global awareness at sych early age. #kinderchat -6:37 PM Oct 1st, 2012
    love giving the camera to the kids and seeing things from their point of view. #kinderchat -6:37 PM Oct 1st, 2012
   Symbaloo has been a big eye opener for many teachers. We have some great #kinderchat mixes here -6:38 PM Oct 1st, 2012
   A4: digital camera is the easiest thing to use and it's so good for portfolio building and gathering assessment #kinderchat -6:39 PM Oct 1st, 2012
   Trying a digital portfolio for one subject to start with might be less overwhelming too. :) #kinderchat -6:39 PM Oct 1st, 2012
 So, in other words, #kinderchat is also a support group for unofficial tech support staff. Good to know. -6:40 PM Oct 1st, 2012
     I'm thinking of bookmarking all those online storytelling sites and just letting my students have at it!#kinderchat -6:40 PM Oct 1st, 2012
   #kinderchat what is kind of funny, is i am now so complacent about what others see as cutting edge or "new" . This PLN is the edge -6:40 PM Oct 1st, 2012
   Tux paint is my go-to for initial work on computer. And the kids can download to have at home too.#kinderchat -6:41 PM Oct 1st, 2012
    Daily update of class blog, main highlights of the day, well received by parents #kinderchat -6:42 PM Oct 1st, 2012
   QR codes have many applications for parent communication. #kinderchat -6:42 PM Oct 1st, 2012
   #kinderchat my class love blogging and tweeting their learning " can we blog/tweet this" is their Cath cry after every activity.-6:42 PM Oct 1st, 2012
    class daily blog updates and twitter#Kinderchat -6:44 PM Oct 1st, 2012
     I am trying for quantity over quality #kinderchat #begoodatsomething :) -6:44 PM Oct 1st, 2012
    Hands Down Family Facebook is a must for me. Love the "seen by" feature - #kinderchat -6:43 PM Oct 1st, 2012
   #kinderchat our iPads are our fav tech item. So many options. How are u using iPads. What is ur fav app? -6:43 PM Oct 1st, 2012
    A 12: I want my class blog to be more about learning stories and less about "this is what we're doing this week" #kinderchat -6:45 PM Oct 1st, 2012
    Haha yes. Smn asked me how I was so organized I said "I dont leave my camera's memory card full for 3 months." #kinderchat -6:45 PM Oct 1st, 2012
   I usually rely on my class blog for home school connection. I share content & resources I think are beneficial. #kinderchat -6:44 PM Oct 1st, 2012
   I send home a daily email with pictures from the day, including descriptions of the learning as needed #kinderchat -6:45 PM Oct 1st, 2012  

    My blog is linked to all parents' emails, so every post I make goes directly to them. #kinderchat#meetthemwheretheyreat -6:45 PM Oct 1st, 2012
   Grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins etc back in far away lands love the class blog as well. #kinderchat -6:46 PM Oct 1st, 2012

     I like to add highlights of the week, something funny that made me laugh. Learning is fun!#kinderchat -6:46 PM Oct 1st, 2012

   You people who do daily e-mails/blog posts are my heroes. I could not maintain that level of commitment. #kinderchat -6:46 PM Oct 1st, 2012

    also parents are welcomed to leave comments on their kids eportfolios. #Kinderchat -6:46 PM Oct 1st, 2012

   My ultimate goal is to have no surprised parents at conference time regarding their child's progress. #kinderchat -6:46 PM Oct 1st, 2012
   I also have parents send in pictures of exciting things that happen at home. Share them with class #relationshipsmatter#kinderchat -6:47 PM Oct 1st, 2012
   Don't you guys sometimes feel no matter how simple tech can be, some parents STILL WON'T USE IT TO COMMUNICATE WITH YOU?!?! #kinderchat -6:48 PM Oct 1st, 2012
   I subscribe all the parents in my class to our class blog at the beginning of the year. I let the kids pressure them to comment.#kinderchat -6:48 PM Oct 1st, 2012
    um. yes. Parents who insist on paper newsletters/calendars are frustrating to me. #kinderchat -6:49 PM Oct 1st, 2012
    great point! If the kids are excited about the content they will be your biggest promoters #kinderchat -6:49 PM Oct 1st, 2012
    Some years are like that. This year no parents have subscribed to the class blog. I know they check it, but still.. #kinderchat -6:51 PM Oct 1st, 2012
   Biggest goal in sending home pictures daily is to give the kids a voice in their learning. I love that tech gives them a voice#kinderchat -6:51 PM Oct 1st, 2012
    But when they want ME to print it so THEY don't have to… Mystified. #kinderchat -6:52 PM Oct 1st, 2012
    remember the lurkers though. I thought only a handful of parents were engaged in commenting, but all were looking #kinderchat -6:53 PM Oct 1st, 2012
   Have any blog posts on tech you want to share? I'll start... using google docs for conf scheduling -6:53 PM Oct 1st, 2012
    My ENTIRE primary team thanks you for this post. We used it last week and LOVED. #kinderchat -6:54 PM Oct 1st, 2012
   Sending home pics gives kids the visual they need to recall details from their day, esp. useful for kids with spec. needs.#kinderchat -6:54 PM Oct 1st, 2012
    Have fun with it! My class loves tweeting every day. Parents see it on my blog, too, if they aren't on twitter. :-)#kinderchat -6:55 PM Oct 1st, 2012
   I know many people on #kinderchat use Here is a post on how I manage it -6:55 PM Oct 1st, 2012
  I love the #kinderchat symbaloo! Kids play together on games. -6:55 PM Oct 1st, 2012
    All our teachers have ditched newsletters for blogs. #kinderchat -6:55 PM Oct 1st, 2012
    Blogs are more interactive, flexible and can be updated daily. Parents all seem to prefer blogs as well. #kinderchat -6:58 PM Oct 1st, 2012
 My cutie kiddos explaining daily 5: read to self #kinderchat -6:59 PM Oct 1st, 2012
    I know ... pics are SO accessible & fast now ... I still remember waiting for prints from negs #kinderchat#beforedigitalpics -6:59 PM Oct 1st, 2012
   My blog is here: #kinderchat -6:59 PM Oct 1st, 2012
   I blog here and of course I have a pinterest page #kinderchat -6:59 PM Oct 1st, 2012
 Professional blog: Class blog: #kinderchat -7:00 PM Oct 1st, 2012
   You can visit me over at Miss Night's Marbles: . Submit a question to Ask MIss Night!#kinderchat -7:00 PM Oct 1st, 2012
   #kinderchat thanks  and all involved. Great to be involved from Australia. Our class blog is :)-7:00 PM Oct 1st, 2012
   Thank you for the great chat. I blog here #Kinderchat -7:01 PM Oct 1st, 2012
   My class blog is and my personal blog is :-) #kinderchat -7:00 PM Oct 1st, 2012
    Would love to add you to the #Kinderchat Blog Directory here! -7:02 PM Oct 1st, 2012

   aaaaannnnnd, the archives are up, because I am just that good: #kinderchat -7:16 PM Oct 1st, 2012


  1. I work with teachers in my district to assist them in using technology in their classrooms. Last year I worked with a Kindergarten teacher on how to use iPads in her classroom and used your site to help me come up with ideas. You have inspired me to share the work I do with others but to be honest I do not know a lot about the blogging world and Twitter. Do you have any advice for me of how all this works? I am trying to use Twitter but not having much success. I don't have many people that follow my blog either. I would love to collaborate with people that are doing some of the same things I am doing in my classrooms!

    Thanks so much,

    Jennifer Kimbrell
    The HiTech Coach

    1. Jennifer, I'm so glad to hear my site/blog has been helpful. I need to update it and will add a little tonight about tweeting, so stay tuned. As for blogging, I started off using it as a diary/record of what I was doing and added about 75% of the content before people actually started reading it! So hang in there, the more you add, the more word (and links to it) will spread. Since Pinterest is so popular, a big way of getting traffic is adding a picture to every post. Also, if you participate in Twitter chats, share a link to your blog- people will RT if they find it useful. If you want to send me your blog link I'll check it out- I probably should add a blog roll to my site!


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