Thursday, February 16, 2012 I love reading books to children and have hundreds of books in my personal classroom library of children's books.  One of the ways I can enjoy a new book is through the site We Give Books. 

Better yet, every time I read a book to my students or my own children a book is donated to a cause I choose.  This month you can choose to "Read for Your School" and if you read 50 books the organization will send books to your school.  Normally though, you choose an organization that is trying to get books to children in need or for a good cause,  My students and children LOVE clicking the "Give a book" button after we read the books. What a terrific way to encourage reading and building a sense of urgency.  Our favorite books to read right now are the Skippyjon Jones series... the kids beg for a story.  We also like all the informational texts.

Today we read the book Little Dog Lost .  My students talked about the problem (Ahlena says the dog was lost and he was on the ice) and some solutions (Austin thought a boat would come to help him).  After reading the book the kids shared with a partner what they thought about the book. Jayden thought "He didn't know that the ice was going to come off."  Jocelyn said "that  the dog was floating away on the iceberg and he fell off halway and he came back up and the people rescued him."

Did we like the book?
17 kids thought the book was great.
Christian liked the dog being on the iceberg.
Cannon liked that people helped save the dog.
Kayli liked that it was a true story.
Ahlena liked that the people rescued the dog.
Maggie liked the part of when he was on the boat sleeping and he woke up.
Ashtyn liked when the dog put his chin on the rescuer's knee.
Tristan liked the part when the recuer grabbed him and got him off the iceberg.
Jayden liked the part when he was floating on the ice.
Isaac liked that it is a true story.
Nancy likes the name of the dog (Baltic).
Jacob liked that it was a true story.
Derek likes big ships and he really loved seeing them rescue the dog.
Austin liked when the guy saved him.
Kaylee liked it because it was real.
Avalon liked when the rescuers saved the dog.
Moses says the dog is cute.
1 kid did not like the book.
Allen did not like that the dog had to wait three days to be dry.

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