Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Finding Free Apps

Using an appfinder app is a good way to find free apps; apps change prices and are often free upon launch to get good ratings in the store.  One appfinder app is App Hits .  You can see free or reduced price apps as well as ones that are new.

On Twitter here are some of the people who post about free or great apps that I follow:

@momswithapps (particularly on Fridays- Free App Friday!)






On the web:





On Facebook:

Here is an app link that's free for the next day or so; the creator of the app has an email list (free the apps) and emails when their apps are free.  Don't forget to check out apps made by developers you already like- sometimes they have more for free.



  1. Thanks for a great list. How often during the day do your students have an iPad in their hand? Do you assign the app they will be working on?

    1. Louise,

      The time spent using the iPad varies on the day, lessons and the child. There are several times during the day kids can choose the iPad, and some gravitate towards it more than others. For about 20 mintues in the morning before school starts, sometimes for 10 minutes at the carpet, for 10 or so minutes during reading groups, sometimes during centers or for reading during the day. During playtime they can use them too. I usually charge them once a week... Maybe this week I'll ask a volunteer to unofficially track the use!

      I do assign apps during center times, although I usually give them a few to choose from. I also limit use during the day to those on the dock: apps I feel are extremely good. During playtime they can choose from any app on the iPad.


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