Monday, May 16, 2011


Blogsy (currently $2.99) is an app I found recommended on one of the tweets I follow (my favs are: @ipodsibilities @tonyvincent #iear #mlearning #edapp #slide2learn #mobile2011). I am always hesitant to spend my iTunes money... My darling husband doesn't want to support my app addiction so I have to make the cards I smuggle into the grocery cart last as long as possible.

However, the app recommendation came at the same time I was feeling guilty for not blogging recently... I don't care for posting from my phone or iPad, both of which have supplanted my need to be on my computer constantly. Since my computer has been neglected lately... So has my blog.

When I saw the reviews saying I'd enjoy posting from the iPad... Well I felt like I had to try it out... For you, dear followers and guests... I have appreciated the recent comments from readers- it helps me to feel motivated to actually log on and write.

So- this is my first attempt at posting from Blogsy. So far, it has met my expectations. I like that you can pull images over from google image search, Picasa and flicker. It was really simple to google the Blogsy icon, and pull it into the page, above. I will certainly be posting more from Blogsy (cute cute name!). I am much more likely to post if I can do it comfortably from my ever present iPad. My arms are always full, I love that my iPad fits in my purse (yes, it was a requirement for the last bag I bought!) and rarely bring the Mac home anymore. I am trying out the features.... Notice, 2nd para. Centered, 4th para bold.

I added a video of my daughter from two years ago to test out the ease of adding YouTube video ... You judge how it turned out, but it was super easy to add. I call it the torturing lily video... We put a ribbon on her head... She did NOT like it one bit.

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