Friday, January 14, 2011

Oo-ooh! Your name's going in the No iPad box!

So I don't have a catchy name for it yet.  I am open to suggestions.  But for now it's simply a rectangle on my board that says No iPad.  There is a name in it.  He who shall remain nameless decided to break the sacred rule of iPad use during learning centers.

"Thou shall only use approved apps (ie. those on the dock) during learning times."

I think it speaks highly of how much the kids love the ipads that I have had them since October and they haven't tested me on the rule.  One other time two little munchkins got off task but it was one of the first iPad uses independently and the expectation had not been pounded into their brains yet.

So, my little darling decided to play around during learning time, just a few hours after I had spent a little while going over new apps and reminding them of our few but sacred rules.  No, he wasn't playing Angry Birds or Blowfish or JellyCar.  He was actually happily playing another educational app.  BUT IT WASN'T on the Dock.  So his name is in the no iPad box.  And he is not happy.  For those of you worried this might happen in your class, rest easy.  This is the same child who choses not to listen 75% of the time, and oh so politely looks you in the eye while he ignores your request to ABC because he would rather XYZ.  We all have one of these occasionally.  He's a sweet, smart and stubborn little guy... but I promise you he will NOT test me on the iPad rule again.

So, his friends will be getting their turns on the most beloved objects in our classrooms next week while he gets to learn with the good old fashioned methods.

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