Thursday, December 16, 2010

iPad, uPad, all kids should have iPads!

Apparently Stanford is doing it. So we are doing it. The 9th and 10th grade students were issued iPads this year. The school board has iPads instead of printed agenda's and policy books. "iPads for All" is the goal for our school apparently. And I am on board.

Totally. Irrevocably. Kindergarten needs iPads. I sent an e-mail during the presentation about how high-school would be using iPads to district teachers at the September inservice. "I am VERY interested in using the iPads in my classroom. I think the touch screens would be ideal for my students. Already, I use computers with my students almost every day. I know budget is what the budget is, but I wanted to let you know that if/when it's possible to get a few for my class it'd be very welcomed by me."

I had never held one or seen one other than in a commercial before, but I knew my kids needed them. After some begging, pleading, and more begging our elementary was given 10 to share. The other 5 teachers agreed to let me have 5 and borrow one other, since no one else had requested to get them or had a clue how they'd use them.

I took one home over the weekend and started using it in class on Monday. I handed it to a child who was unable to sit through an assembly to use while he waited for the rest of the class. I gave him no instructions other than to touch the screen and use the home button to switch to another activity. And he was off.

My two year old LOVES the iPad. She speeds between "apps" (mini games, activities, programs that are downloaded from itunes). She sings and counts along. She traces shapes, numbers, letters. She puts together puzzles and talks to "Tom Cat" aka "Talking Tom." Trust me, I have bought all the Leapfrog toys, mini laptops, DSi's, xbox's, mp3 players, computers, and miscellaneous gadgets aimed towards little kids. I really think technology like the iPad will revolutionize the way kids learn.

The future is now.

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