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Seminars and Consultation Available for Your School

Teachers in the US and Canada agree- Sue Holt offers training and consulting that inspire teachers to utilize technology in new and effective ways to help students meet learning goals.

Learning to effectively use technology can be time consuming, challenging and overwhelming. Technology changes constantly, and keeping up becomes frustrating for teachers who already spend countless hours planning, preparing, teaching, reporting and communicating about their work with students, colleagues, parents and administrators.  As an experienced teacher and presenter, Sue offers up to date practical, time saving, realistic and powerful training and consultations that support hesitant teachers and inspire those ready to go to the next level in their classroom with technology.

Transform your Teaching with Technology
More and more schools are embracing the latest technology tools available, yet many devices go unused daily across the US.  Lack of training and time to find quality apps and websites make some teachers hesitant and even hesitant to embracing all the powerful learning opportunities.   Computers and Mobile devices provide opportunities for collaboration, global learning, meaningful learning and reliable assessments when used effectively.  Sue is able to support teachers in their journey to enhance and transform their teaching and student learning.

Practical Trainings for Using Technology in the Classroom

Seminars and Workshops include:
Using Technology To Transform Teaching (grade level specific, K-2, K-5)
STEM Learning in K-2
Teaching Tools: Plan, Assess and Teach using Powerful Yet Simple Timesaving Technology
Meaningful Learning with Mobile Devices
RTI and Technology- Help ALL Students Succeed
iPad 101 for Teachers

For Parents Only: More than Games and Videos- Use Technology to Help Your Child Succeed

Personalized and Practical

Sue will tailor her content to the specific needs and unique technology tools available at your school.  All onsite trainings include ongoing support.

Online Training
Bring Sue to your school virtually and benefit from online trainings and videos. Trainings can be personalized or pick from some of her most popular options!

Beyond Apps and Websites
Apps and Websites are amazing resources-but don’t stop there.  Learn how to transform your teaching with the technology you have.

Parent Training
Parents will LOVE Sue’s Parent Night training on supporting their child’s education at home using computers and mobile devices.  Access to online resources!

Contact Sue Holt about scheduling seminars and/or consulting by filling out the online form.
Or email your request and other inquiries to
Sue has practical and informative e-books and training videos available for teachers, parents and information technology staff.  
Once your consultation is scheduled you will have access to many of Sue’s resources so you can begin or continue your learning right away!

Sue Holt

Experienced Presenter and National Board Certified Teacher
MS in Elementary Reading and Literacy
BA in Education: Child Development, Early Childhood Endorsement, K-8 Teaching/Certificate

What are teachers saying about trainings with Sue?

“So many great, helpful ideas I can’t wait to try in my K class.  Awesome handbook I get to take with me.  Great sense of humor and very motivating!  Thanks for the great 21st Century Skills I will use from here on!”

“This is the best conference I have ever attended! So many great ideas.  Cannot wait to get working on this.”

"Thank you for bringing an analog girl into the digital world!  (My students will thank you too!)"

"Exactly what I was looking for! Lots of great apps and programs to use.  Shortcuts and iPads/computers for Dummies."

“Thank you for the very practical, yet meaningful ideas and strategies.  I am excited to try some new things and I appreciate that you made the seminar appropriate for all levels.”

“This was fantastic- Sue did a fabulous job I learned SO much; practical, hands on ideas I can use tomorrow.”

“This is the best seminar I’ve ever attended in my 18 years of teaching.  Sue Holt is a fantastic presenter!”

“Well paced, information packed, encouraging, can-do, practical seminar!  Thank you for the amazing resource handbook.” 

“This seminar was eye-opening.  I will now be able to use iPads more effectively in my Kindergarten classroom.  Thank you for all of the fabulous ideas.”

"Great seminar!  I now feel empowered with new information and free quality apps!"

“Super useful information!  I cannot wait to jump into technology! Excellent.”

“I loved every single second of Sue’s presentation.  I can’t wait to get back to my classroom and start using what I learned.”

“Fabulous, best tech seminar I’ve attended EVER!  So many great ideas delivered in a humor filled way by a highly trained teacher.  The time flew!”

"I am a 'mature' teacher, am easily overwhelmed with technology.  This seminar got me excited about learning things very well, gaining confidence and moving forward!  Would love this seminar for our district K/1 teachers!"

"Before I felt intimidated, now I feel empowered!"


  1. I attended Sue's seminar in December and highly recommend it! She has a wealth of experience in using technology that she shares in a way that gives every teacher a point of entry.

    1. Thank you Camille for taking the time to leave a comment! I hope your adventures with technology are going well!

  2. Hello, My name is Conor and I am currently a student at SUNY Geneseo majoring in Childhood/ Special Education. I am researching the use of iPad's in the classroom and I think your seminars are a really interesting idea. At a time when technology is increasingly becoming implemented into a classroom a seminar would be perfect for teachers who are not quite sure how to successfully use them. From your post it seems that you know what you are doing when it comes to iPad's and when it comes down to it all teachers are going to need to know how to use iPad's in the coming years and they will be implemented into classrooms. I really liked how you explained technology as being something that transformed a classroom. Your seminars are a window to help struggling teachers or teachers who just want to get a feel for iPad's before using them in the classroom. If a teacher is unable to comprehend how to use an iPad then it will show and therefore the students will suffer.


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