Wednesday, November 16, 2011

How can YOU get iPads in your classroom

Several of you dear readers have asked how I got my class set of iPads and how you can get iPads in your classroom.  I wish I had a magic answer, a rich uncle or was an heir to a fortune but I don't and I am not.  My school got grants to cover the first set of iPads for the 9th grade class (Business manager taught 9th at the time and thought they would benefit highschoolers.  I started a campaign to get iPads into K the same day they announced 9th Graders were getting the iPads.  More grants and general budget paid for 10th grade to get iPads and 10 for elementary/library iPads- 6 of which ended up in my classroom due to my begging and teachers who were not ready to use them.  I kept letting my Superintendent and Principal know that I wanted/needed more (aka, begged) and demonstrated frequently why I thought they were awesome for ECE.  The begging paid off and I got 4 more.  I attended an iPad training put on by NCCE that cost $700 but included an iPad2.  Staff Development dollars paid for the class/iPad.  Now I was up to 11- with a class size of 22 by the end of the year and 20 expected for 2011-2012.  I planted the seed of 'wouldn't a 1:1 in K be terrific?' and watered liberally (aka. begging again).  iPad2's were bought for 9th, 10th, 11th grades and their iPads1's trickled down to K, 1st and 2nd.

The benefit of being in a small district is sometimes it's easier to try something new, find grants, and make connections with the $$$ decision makers.  I had a reputation for using technology and a willingness to try new things. 

 So while I don't have grand suggestions for funding your own iPad program, my suggestions are to be able to articulate WHY you NEED the technology.  How will you use it?  How is it better than traditional tools?  Don't just say it's fun...engaging...  Detail how it will help learners meet goals and unique ways to use it.  Can they be a part of a home/school connection program? 

Meg Wilson wrote an article with suggestions on how to get iDevices into your room:

Good luck!!!  If you can start with one- start there!

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