Friday, July 8, 2011

These are a few of my most recent apps...

I have been lazy, busy, unconnected (while in Alaska) lately... but I have still managed to find some new apps.

First,  my current favorite app finder app is App Hits

For those who like grasshopperapps be sure to check out alligatorapps- both developer pages offer several good, customizable FREE apps.  This is one I check out at least twice a week as they usually offer their new apps for free the first couple of days after release.

Great whiteboard apps:  
ShowMe Interactive Whiteboard lets you record your drawings and audio and replay or upload. 
Sketchio  Sketchio is a very basic whiteboard app (NO adds or overwhelming choices) that allows you to "turn the page" and go back,  Great replacement for whiteboards, and it's FREE.  LOVE IT
iDoodle100 idoodle gets on my like list because I love the magnetic boards it resembles.  The only drawback is a reent update added sounds!

Remember, the whiteboard apps are useful instead of smelly markers... paper, etc.  It is also motivation for spelling word practice, math facts, etc.  Sketchio is my favorite basic whiteboard app for class use.  I have several apps like these in my "digital ink" folder.

Decent but not amazing, however, free is still free...
Ladybug addition, subtraction and counting
Gingham Games
Chisenbop (a cool way to count up to 99 using fingers)
Magic Numbers HD (fun guess my number trick, but has kids use addition skills)

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